Copyright and Permissions

Thanks for Considering Using my Work

But before you do, please remember the following:

I publish the blog posts at Kat’s Cafe with the understanding that parents, educators, advocates, and other individuals will read, enjoy, share, and maybe even learn a little something from them. I do NOT post them here, or at any of my affiliated blog syndicates, for others to copy and paste or even alter and use.

Please visit the Creative Commons site to find out more about my Creative Commons License, which gives my readers the ability to share my posts for personal or educational purposes, as allowed by Copyright Law. Please  link back to my blog and attribute it to me, Katrina Moody.  This in no way allows you to use my site materials for your own commercial gain, or to alter or otherwise change the material in any way or present it as your own.

For Print Purposes:

If you are interested in providing print copies for a special needs or non-profit group or organization, I ask that you please inform me and include attribution. If you are wanting to in any way edit or alter the text please instead contact me directly for further conversation and permission. In some limited cases, for educational or support services, I will accept requests to personalize or otherwise target their group members’ needs. I do this with the understanding that this site exists to reach, impact, inspire, and otherwise educate others about those things which I am passionate about. Please don’t mis-use this intent.

Thank you for wanting to use my work. Please honor my requests, attributing and contacting me about further permissions.


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