About Me

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Me

I will tell you all sorts of secrets.


For now, know that I am a devoted wife and mom of a very unique family of lovable guys. Yes, I’m outnumbered, that’s why I have girls for dogs. 🙂

I am a writer and editor, am a full-time student, am trying to start up my very own non-profit organization called The Rarelink, and am an impassioned advocate for those with, or who love someone with, special needs. My guys all have a rare syndrome called Rieger Syndrome, making me focus The Rarelink on those dealing with rare diseases and disorders.

I reserved The Rarelink Blog to write especially about this group I am not only a part of, but feel empowered to serve as well. I will be working between Kat’s Cafe and The Rarelink Blog to write about me, my family, and this community of special folks.

There’s a lot out there for parents of special needs kids, but not too much support, information, and compassion for that small segment dealing with the diagnosis of a rare disorder. That’s a wealth of information and compassion missing, which I hope The Rarelink, The Rarelink Blog , and, I hope, Kat’s Cafe can help to provide.

Know a site, a blog, or something else you think I should blog about? Find me on one of my sites and tell me about it.



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