The Things Kids Do

Toilet Paper Fun

Lifting this from my Facebook status:

So, got a call from my neighbor a little bit ago. Logan wants the Camera

Apparently, Logan has found a new use for his toilet paper obsession. My neighbor had called to let me know that he had stuffed and was still stuffing toilet paper enthusiastically into the gap between the shutter and the window pane.

He’s cute … he’s cute … he’s cute … I’ll keep repeating that.

I thought you guys would appreciate the “fun.”

An Unhappy Logan

Logan just isn't too happy right now.

Which was of course capped off with a ten minute screaming fest and a very pointed stuffing of a sock down the lonely gap in the window after I pulled the miles of toilet paper out of the space.

I was tickled when I finally had a chance to post the funny to Facebook, after I hit enter I had an ad on the right side of screen:

I post about Logan’s toilet paper obsession, and what shows up in my “related to your post” stream – an ad to “like” toilet paper. I “liked” it of course.

Logan’s face is still rosy from the screaming fit and resultant bear hug.

He really is cute, though. Maybe that will keep me from insanity for a bit longer. 🙂

So – what’s the story that still makes you shiver from your kids’ fun and busy days? Share, and let everyone be embarrassed and amused on your behalf!

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4 responses to “The Things Kids Do

  1. Ohhh the toilet papers. My son would just pull it all out and call us to look at his new art work and say “tah dahhhh”. Without this kind of spontaneity some of my days wouldn’t have a smile.
    Hello from blogfrog

  2. jenifer calo

    he is so adorable. i laughed at your story about the toilet paper what kid doesnt love playing with toilet paper these days?

    • Thanks – I tend to think he’s pretty adorable too 🙂
      And you’re right – toilet paper is a highly underused parenting resource *giggles*

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