In Honor of Mom

We’re coming to the end of Mother’s Day, and I thought I would share a few thoughts. First, Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

It’s bittersweet in many ways, this holiday they call Mother’s Day. I feel like much of the strength and wisdom I have about life comes from the lessons learned years ago, as my mother raged against the uncaring cruelty that was Cancer. For three years I, along with the rest of my family, watched my mother as she taught us something about life.

I gotta say, my mother has been gone almost 20 years, but I still see her hand on my life, everywhere I look.

  • She’s there when I remind Bobby to speak with our inside voice.
  • She’s smiling with me as Andy reads his chapter books and doodles in his sketchpad.
  • She’s even laughing with me as I chase a stubborn Logan through the house with a diaper (after he’s taken three others off in a mad dash toward naked freedom).
  • She was there when the doctor said my child would be blind, when another said he might not talk, or walk (I borrowed her determination when I decided that would not be my son’s reality)
  • She was there when the doctors rushed me into emergency surgery, as my fuzzy mind saw my non-breathing new baby boy. (I borrowed her tenacity and faith when moments later they whisked him away from us, when they had him breathing)
  • She was even there as I started rescue breathing for Logan, because that time his seizure wasn’t stopping and he still wasn’t breathing. (I clung to her calm assurance and strength, her calm and steady focus, as he finally took that first ragged breath).

She’s with me so often, in so many ways, because the strength of character she instilled in me is the only way I make it through every day. I can only hope I am so successful in teaching my children the skills they need to live their lives.

My prayer for the mothers out there is that you would find strength in the unexpected, joy in the journey, and above all, courage to face tomorrow.

Thank you, Mom, for teaching me about life even though you faced a mother’s worst fear, the reality of not being able to watch your children grow. 



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4 responses to “In Honor of Mom

  1. the most beautiful piece I have ever read! thank you for writing it! you are amazing!

    • *hugs* Deidra – Thanks for your sweet words. From one sis to another, she made me who I am today, something I well know you understand! –Kat

  2. Where exactly is the facebook like button ?

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