We’re going to Disney! (and to visit family too)

For our first ever Moody family vacation, we’re taking the kids and a friend and running away to Orlando! First, we’ll be spending a few days visiting family, which is, of course, equally important. 🙂

When you have a special needs kid, much less three, planning a family vacation always seems to take a backseat to the reality of crisis after crisis. We took the plunge, though, and in just over a month will be in Florida. A kind family friend gifted us with a condo to stay in while we’re there (5 minutes from Disney!), and we’ll spend a few days before that visiting family in the area and introducing the kids to the ocean.

Then, it’s on to Disney. Well, at least to the condo we’ll be staying at while in the area.

We’re only starting with a 2-day pass, after much discussion with a guest services person. She mentioned starting with the 2-day pass to see how the kids actually handle the exciting but stressful Disney. She said we could add on extra days for just the difference in cost, so upgrading wouldn’t be any more expensive than having bought the days’ passes outright, without the burden of having them all purchased and unusable if one of the kids drops with a seizure in the middle of it all.

Yeah, I”m realistic that way.

Disney is exciting for any kid, but take Logan, who is autistic, nonverbal, and has a significant seizure disorder, and you have the blunt possibility that a sudden seizure is not out of the question. Then, add in two more autistic guys, one of whom is more quirky than autistic, the other more bouncy than anything else – and I think we will have our hands full. Andy, the quirky redhead, will eat up the excitement and be an overstimulated ball of energy. Bobby, who is visually impaired and epileptic as well, will be working through his own excitement and anxieties the whole way.

Yeah, our family is unique. There’s truly never a dull moment. Taking along an extra pair of hands in the form of family friend Ruthie should help ensure we’re all sane on the way home. Or close to it, at least.

You’ll be hearing much more about this in the lead-up to our trip, and in my (hopefully) fun little corner of the Internet. Hopefully, you will enjoy hearing more about our zany excuse for a family.

Until next time,



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