Ack! Or the mixing of liquids and solids …

My poor, poor laptop!

Logan decided to … I don’t know what he thought he was doing, actually … and he spilled Diet Mountain Dew on my laptop keyboard!!! I thought I got it wiped up okay — it worked fine just afterwards. But by yesterday morning my poor computer keyboard was missing out on the odd letter here and there. And today, I bid a fond farewell to the overall system I believe. I’m running a scan to makes sure there’s no viruses, but I think I’m just screwed.

I got my laptop from Dell, and of course even though I just purchased this thing in January it isn’t covered under warranty because of a 5-year-old spilling liquid on it. ACK!

We’re talking a small fortune to get it fixed, and praying with fervency for the thing to be back to me, working fine, by the time I start back to school. I doubt that happens, but one can hope. And pray.

In the meantime I’m working on transferring things like firefox settings and files I need for school. Thankfully I just have to “borrow” my old computer back from the kids to get stuff done, and even more thankfully I’m on Spring break for the next week and a half. So while I have work to do for school I don’t have anything I HAVE to do that I can’t do from this other computer.

Ugh …


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