Nano … Life, huh?

Okay, so I’ve got NO writing in on my Nano today – I’m in the middle of crisis overload with my English Portfolio. I totally got behind in my research and and finishing up some last minute things now so I can start finalizing the writing. Ugh.

On a personal note, any who could, wanna think about …
My husband’s been having extreme pain down his left arm for a while now, encompassing his shoulder down to the fingers and on and off again without any true consistency except for the pain. We now have a diagnosis, called “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” and used to be called something else. I did all my research and then shoved the web search to the side so I wouldn’t go nuts.

He’s started treatment, nerve blocks that I can’t pronounce, much less say, and had his first one ASAP after the diagnosis, on Friday. He has his next one tomorrow afternoon. And we’ll see from there. The procedures, while a bit ucky (they stick a long needle straight through the front of his neck … *shudders*) isn’t horrible in and of itself. And if successful, he should maintain some mobility that will keep this condition from worsening and causing a wasting away of muscle tissue.

It’s all ifs and hopefully’s right now … and I am in the middle of craziness with school, and Logan’s been sick over the last week and a half, though he’s much better now and we’re planning on him making it to school tomorrow (no temp, no albuteral needed … I think he’s okay enough to go even if he’s puny) and no seizures for four days, so bonus.

I sometimes feel like God’s up there looking down on me with this little indulgent smile, going “that’s right, Katrina … you didn’t need sanity to get through this life …”

Eh, on the upside – my history professor was extraordinarily understanding and is willing to have me take the quiz (supposed to take in class on Monday) on Wed. right before class. I have decided I love this professor.

So, a little jittery from caffeine and sugar but I’m on the final leg of my English paper journey (until it’s time for Portfolio #3 *cue crazy laughter*)

Diet Mountain Dew is made of awesome.




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