Nobel Peace Prize surprise … One of our own …

How crazy is that? In a surprise move, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to President Obama this year. What?

Has a president ever won this award before? I don’t think so. How exciting for his administration, much less the man himself …

 The link to the article: 

I think, even if you aren’t gung-ho about this President, you have to accept that he’s already done a lot to heal a wounded American ideology and respect from other nations. I wonder about him receiving an award this early in his presidency, before many of his initiatives have actually had a chance to garner hoped-for change. The article goes through some of the opinions surrounding this decision, and you can bet your tushie I’ll be following this in the news. I think this is an amazing thing, a symbol for Americans of the hope we have in not just this administration, but the man.

I don’t know if all the hoopla is warranted. I don’t know if Obama is worth such an honor. I do know it is exciting and hopeful and I can’t wait to see how others feel about it. I can say I have been, and AM hopeful for this presidency after being disappointed by Bush’s presidency. (Don’t get me wrong, I actually voted for the man … but by the end of his presidency I was so disillusioned about having made that decision)

Exciting … very exciting … I’m sure I’ll have other thinkie thoughts about this as the day goes on … but I have a grin on my face right now, and can’t wait for the official speech from our President addressing this!


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