IN other news … how disgusting …

I am in shock at how our special needs children can be/are treated in society today. I was just spinning from the news on Obama’s Nobel notification and looked a little lower and found this ( ) on the front page just under it.

I can’t tell you how horribly sick this kind of thing makes me. I have three boys on the autistic spectrum. We’ve dealt with a teacher, in the past, who did questionable things in the name of education (yelling, etc, at my severely Autistic boy, demeaning him and calling him names … when he was just becoming verbal and … just a long, emotional memory there).

What kind of world do we live in? That those of our society in the most need of protecting are the ones hurt by their trusted caregivers – in “loco parentes” or in absence of the parents. Makes me want to cry.

I’m considering a degree in education myself (possibly even special needs), and my kids have since had wonderful, awesome teachers, who have done so much for their overall development – so I know that very few teachers are like this woman. Very few teachers abuse the trust and faith parents put in them to take care of their most precious and innocent little ones. But the ones who do? Make it all that much harder for me, as a parent, to trust those teachers who do have my boys in class.

Shame on this woman, and I hope she is haunted by what she did to this little one. I hope the parents receive some satisfaction, since they will forever have trouble trusting another educator with their child. After all, if one person they trusted could do this, anyone could, right?

*tears for a 7-year old innocent and his parents*

I just … don’t have any more words for this …


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