Back on my soap box, and feeling …

Oh so tired!

So I’m thinking about possible issues surrounding my possible teacher-dom (I made up that word, and I like it!). I honestly don’t think …

I don’t think patience will be that major of an issue for me were I to be a teacher. I mean, granted, I will be working with a smaller available amount of patience (on account of my awesome guys taking it all). BUT, I  don’t know if I would have enough left over for a classroom. Would this really make me all that different from the other teachers out there? Seriously? Don’t all teachers have to work on mastering that modicum of patience? Possibly researching some patience techniques?

I don’t know what I can do about my internal organization malfunction. Some people are simply organizationally challenged. *sighs* Unfortunately, that’s me! I’d have to have a real routine worked out to combat this, if it is even possible.

 I’m not touching on anything else right now … just suffice it to say that I am thinking seriously as to what precludes me being a teacher vs. what would need to be dealt with before I could become a teacher.

And then there’s that big question: if I were to become a teacher, what would I teach? I have an affinity for the special needs child, obviously. But would I be satisfied teaching others? When so much of my time and attention has gone to my own special needs children?

I just don’t know … that puts me in territory that scares me to consider. Truly.


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