Education? How long should school years be?

So I’ve read on the Indianapolis Star that the folks in the statehouse are opening the debate on how long our schools should be in session. Interestingly enough, Obama would seem to be for longer school years, since he’s all for "more" education. That was the gist from the article I read, anyway … but somehow the it seems that the President might care more about the content of that education rather than the quantity of it.

Seriously, is keeping kids in their classes through the stickiest days of August really beneficial to their overall education? Does it really lead to higher test scores?

Funny, but for Indiana, the argument might not even come down to what is best for the kids, but instead seems to be centered around what is best for the budget. Not saying that is wrong, by any means, just saying … In these tough economic times you have to be practical about such things.

I’m wondering, now, what are other states doing about the same question?

And if we are deciding about such things based on the budget needs, where do the kids’ needs play into it? I understand the need to think realistically about what we can afford, but how do we play those two concerns off of one another?

Hm, something to ponder. It doesn’t matter really, to me as a mother – as a special needs mother at that … Summer is a time of special learning and adventure for my guys. They’re old enough that we try not to worry about therapies over summer and instead concentrate on playing, and playing hard! It seems to work fairly well for them. *wink*



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