So sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent the last week soooo sick! I am still dealing with a temp on and off and ugh! I hate being sick. I spent like four days either in bed or wishing I were in bed. Seriously. I really don’t get sick that easily. Usually.  But I’m set to go back to school on Monday and I know I’m still going to be feeling this bug for a while. Just staying up for a while today is still a lot for me. Of course, that might be because I’m still running a temp on and off … you think?


Guess who jumped on the sick wagon tonight? Logan … who has seizures when he is sick. *groans* So far so good, no seizures and no actual temperature. Only projectile vomiting, which believe me, is NOT fun!

I’m still staring at a massive amount of schoolwork and wondering how the heck I can get it done. *whimpers*



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