Real life rearing it’s ugly head ….

Had to pick my youngest up from school this afternoon – he had what we’re thinking were small seizures. The teacher only saw one for sure, but his post-ictal behavior was so up there, it’s just obvious he had others.

Pupils dilated, groggy and tired, snuggly (he’s autistic and DOES NOT snuggle), really off balance even though he’s moving around. (well, he’s asleep now!)

Now he’s just had another. I’m set to spend the night with my sis and go garage saling with her in the morning (baby clothes … she’s pregnant and so EXCITED!!! Of course I’m gonna be an aunt of a little girl so I’m EXCITED too!) Now I’m scared to leave in case of something happening while I’m gone. I mean, daddy can deal with small seizures, but the mommy in me says “that’s my baby!” you know?


I hate seizures.


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