A new week, a new level of tired …

College student. Check.

Wife. Check.

Mom. Of three. Boys. Did I mention boys? Three? Okay … check.

Worried mom. Of boys with seizures. Of boys who are autistic. Yeah … check.

Real woman. Tired. Exhausted. Also happens to have Fibromyalgia. *yawn* Check.



I’m so used to having fibromyalgia that sometimes in the middle of a nasty flare the hieghtened level of exhaustion just really wears me down to the nub. And then a kid has a seizure, or might have had one. Or we get to try and convince them to stop. Tearing. Every. Single. Book. (The child in question has attacked two of my unassuming textbooks, hiding one and destroying the other.) I’m so tired of being tired. Like, really.

I’ll just hide over here and whine for a little while. Maybe rock a little. Don’t mind me at all. Really.

On the plus side of things … class tomorrow shouldn’t be horrible, since we start off with my favorite. Virtual cookies to whoever can guess which class that is. (Hint … it’s NOT Biology)

Feel free to just ignore my craziness 🙂


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