Life … and SPN

I can’t comment more effectively on the newest SPN episode than others before me … happy to see it back on but, unsure how I feel about so many of the different facets of the show.  So since I’m by turns happy and other turns uncertain, I’ll just sit back and watch the show for now.

Original, yes?

In other news … I have a life, and it’s been busy.  Imagine that.

I’ve started back to school, an English class, Biology, World History and an Education as well.  As exciting as it’s all been so far, I’m just hopeful I can keep up and do well.  I have my first test tomorrow … Biology. *faceplant*

I think I might be too old for this.



While I’m figuring out my educational priorities, I’m also trying to even out my family commitments.  Just this last week, my youngest had several breakthrough seizures.  He’s hurt himself and looks like a victim from some kind of schoolyard fight – face all scabbed up from a fall. 😦  My oldest had a few breakthroughs as well.

Balancing it all isn’t going to get any easier, but so far it’s a delicate thing and I feel a little like I’m floundering.  I’ll get it, I’m sure.

Any day now.

Now, where’s the coffee?


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