Bad days, school days, repurposed fun

So, today was a wild mix of the good, bad and okay that makes our lives so fun.

Had to pick Bobby up – several small seizures and *hides head* nits. I swear his head looked clear this morning …and has been looking clear. But I cut his hair so he has a very nice trim now. Bedding was rewashed, other furniture sprayed down, and he of course got the special shampoo. I am lost – no clue where to go beyond that. Just … ugh!

I had to sleep more today, the darn Fibro just wouldn’t let go. And I had such hopes for getting some additional work done around the house. Drats. Also in the okay column … No seizures for Logan. And that is always good news.  Can’t help wondering when that other shoe will fall with his new med change but so far so good.

Missed the memo? I am officially matriculating for the first time in some 12 years. I’m equal parts terrified and excited, but tend to err on the excited side of things. So far, my three classes have been pretty much as expected (more on that later). I reserve the right to whine after I go to Biology on Sat. afternoon, though. Biology. Ugh.

And the repurposed fun – I’ll be including some posts on this journal, hopefully regularly, that bear on my Education class. Basically, things that make me think about becoming a teacher, being a teacher, news about teachers, anything that has any kind of bearing on being a teacher. Well, um, okay … So here goes:

I came home to a veritable minefield because of a teacher putting her notice in at the local school, which also happens to be where my sons attend. The story is so very much more involved that I can give any sort of witness to here, but suffice it say I think the school will be dealing with a lot of dissatisfied, well-informed, parents. They are messing the ‘co-teaching’ model, which I will go on record as saying I had reservations about from the get go.

The basis of this teaching model: intersperse special kids within the general education population, utilizing special education teachers to supplement thier education. There are many variables which will, inevitably I believe, lead to the downfall of this particular incarnation of this idea. At least, at this school, and in this instance. There isn’t enough qualified staff on hand to deal with the influx of these kids into a general education population.

I’ll have to touch on that more later, after I have a chance to read up on the current controversy a bit more. I will add that I know I am a bit biased, since my three boys are all special needs I will generally tend to see the special needs students’ needs above that of the school and/or classroom.

So, ugh, again. And I say good night! (after homework and dishes and medicine and cleaning …)



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