Posted on my other LJ — My life is all about cookies!

So …
You know that I have three autistic boys? Yes? If you didn’t, then you do now. If you didn’t realize that Logan, my youngest, has joined the autistic ranks around here … well welcome to the club!

So anyway, as is often the case when my kids go about their daily lives, they do the darndest things *grin* Sometimes … it’s kinda cute and funny!

Okay, cue me fixing dinner, and leaving the bag with the cookies I bought at the store earlier on the table. I tell the boys if they eat their dinner they can have cookies for dessert … Bobby’s a smart kid … his response was “how many?” I tell him I’m not sure … repeating the answer a couple times when he repeats the question before joining Logan at the table again to stare in fascination at the bag of cookies.

 They are very interested in them *shakes head* Logan’s poking the package, trying to find a way inside … and Bobby’s reminding me that he’s a good boy and he’s gonna eat his dinner and good boys get cookies … and “you got cookies” and “can I give you a kiss”
 and don’t forget “I love you ” followed directly by “you got cookies!”
At least I know why I’m loved … for food (not even the food I make … wonder of wonders)

Gotta love ’em!


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