Hoping this finds you all well

I’ve had a heck of a time the last few weeks, but life is getting a bit exciting for me (scary as well). Here in about a month I will be meeting up with some girl pals of mine who are all Supernatural fan ficcers as well. We’re getting together and having a mini’-convention of sorts.

The week after that, my kids return to school. AND, the week after that I return to school *screams like a madwoman*. Yes I am returning to school and awaiting word about my financial aid status as I type. I plan to go into non-profit studies but am otherwise undecided. This is me returning to school after a LONG absence, so I am just a teeny bit anxious about this as well as excited as can be.

I will be celebrating the fourth with my family and a friend of mine at my grandmother’s house and plan to return Sunday.

I plan to have fun the next couple of days and hope the rest of you in America will do the same and have a safe and happy Fourth of July!



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