back to the real world … kinda

Busy week and life here lately, getting kids ready for summer break.

But I have been so excited, having found three friends from HS recently online. I’ve even had the chance to meet up with one of them just today.  Very awesome!

We’ve already geared up the kids for going to the Library over the summer. My big boy Andy has been learning to read and I do believe Bobby is very close behind him. Logan …. I’ll be so happy just to get some language out of my little man. He turned five just a few days ago – and it’s just so hard to believe that this little guy came into the world at a scrawny 2’14”.

So yeah, life is a little nutty, like normal for us, really. I may be ready to start back into writing soon though, I feel vaguely settled into wanting it anyway. We’ll see if my focus keeps up.

I go in just a couple weeks for orientation and class sign-up, as I’m starting back to school in the fall. I am totally scared to death about that — I’ve been out of school so long I am not sure I can keep up with the coursework and the real world on top of it. *is scared*

Hm, okay, well that is my dandy little update for now ….



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