Using Live Writer

I’m just messing around with Live Writer, offered as part of the Windows Live download I just did for Messenger. I’ve been having trouble with Yahoo for some reason – so I’m going to use MSN for a while and see if I have better luck.

So I have to say, so far I’m pretty happy with using this service – and you gotta love the ‘free’. Before this, I’ve used (and still have, since I’m not sure about this Live Writer yet) Semagic. I like that one a lot as well.

I’m wanting to get a bit more work in today on editing and still have some housework to get done. Logan came home from school early today … he decided he didn’t need his diaper on while riding to school. I guess by the time the bus dropped him off he had poo everywhere, and the diaper was dangling from his leg.


I can’t help it … seriously, the poor nurse sounded close to tears when she called me. He’s home … happy as can be (we know he probably doesn’t have a tummy ache at least).

Tonight I go and meet up with my sister. I’ll spend the night over there and have a morning of relaxing fun, maybe hit Goodwill or something. I’m looking forward to that – it’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to visit.



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