Our new President, Barack Obama!

I waited to watch the inauguration quite impatiently this year, feeling for the first time that this was an election I personally invested myself in.

Was anyone else impressed with Pastor Warren’s invocation? I had heard so much beforehand regarding this pastor, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but his words moved me.

You could almost feel the air of expectancy through the television. I was suitably impressed with Aretha Franklin’s performance – as I always am. She’s just one talented lady. What was the instrumental piece played? It sounded in parts sad and hopeful, so the buildup in just sounded so beautiful. I’m assuming those playing were all well-known instrumentalists? Wow, very nice, and totally in keeping with the air of expectation the whole ceremony seemed to invoke.

I’m just a regular lady, wife and mother. And yet I feel so emotional about this inauguration. And as he says the oath can’t you just see the love in his wife’s eyes as she’s watching him? I love that about them, that you can see such honest love and devotion all the time between husband and wife (and kids). Whew! Even with him stumbling a tiny bit on the oath …. the presentation of him as the President afterward was phenomenal.

The imagery he’s creating with his words is so real. So many truths, I’m impressed with his straight talk, even during such a speech. And I just can hardly think straight as he’s pulling biblical and historical references with all his words. I doubt many will be able to connect all the different speeches and events he referenced.

I’ve always been impressed with this man, and now I’m proud to call him our new president. I say that as the camera pans out to one of his little girls, showing her taking a picture of her dad. I don’t agree with all his views, but as a man he is unquestionably going to be a wonderful president.


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