Prayers … and a birthday!

My f-listers who pray … would you pray for my youngest tomorrow? L goes into the hospital for a 24 hour VEEG to try and help isolate the type of seizures he has been having. It will be a long 24 hours for L and myself (you try keeping a four year old away from a zillion wires attached to their head), and it will be difficult for my hubby since he’ll have to deal with the other two, including birthday boy Bobby. Bobby turned ten today and was quite excited about all that entailed. He had a few presents to open for tonight but will have a special present to open along with his party on Saturday.

I’m adjusting to having a fun little brace on my knee. I fell last week and completely messed my knee up, and it’s only gotten worse since falling. So I bit the bullet and went to see the doctor today. She thinks I might have torn something, or that I’m making a small tear worse because, hello, I can’t stay off my legs. What mom do you know who can stay on her butt all day. *thinks*

Don’t answer that.

So I’ll probably just post this over at kats_cafe as well, cause I’m lazy. In between dealing with Logan and staying sane, I will be attempting to do a little writing in my handy dandy notebook.



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