Update on Life, me, and the new year …

Okay, well, that subject title sounded all lofty and everything, didn’t it?

But seriously, I want 2009 to be different from 2008 in so many ways, some big and some small. I accomplished a lot of little things this past year, and I’m good with that. But there’s so much more I want for this year …

1. I want to be a better mom, in the little ways: More patient, more cognizant of all the little ways my guys are miracles, more thankful for every day we have as a family.

As most of you know, I have special little boys and they face so many challenges. We head into the new year learning that my youngest has developed permanent hearing loss, both sides. He’s been sick and even spent the last two days dealing with the fallout from seizures. We pray that God’s will might be accomplished in his life this year, that the doctors and nurses and therapists will have grace and wisdom in working with him and improving his care. And especially, that freakin’ Medicaid will find it within their bureaucratic little hearts to consider paying for his therapy.

We’ve also got to deal with further seizures in my oldest as well as severe orthodontic work in my middle guy. None of it promises to be easy to “fix” and they have had to work for so much more than these listed issues. So pray for my other two guys, that the Lord would help them strive toward their full potential every day.

2. I want to be a better wife.

In a world where divorce is more common than marriage it seems, let me be grateful and respectful of the love we have for each other, even if we sometimes forget it. God, give me the patience to stay with my man through these tough times. Give me the ability to stay calm through the times of stress and keep my focus on you, Lord.

3. I want to finish as many of the WIP’s currently running that I can. I count 6 total, although two don’t count since I didn’t actually promise sequels.

4. I especially want to complete work on the book I partially finished during Nano, and I want to put a lot of thought into a couple of other special writing projects.

I have a few personal goals I’m not totally comfortable sharing until I’ve thought about them a little more, but one includes losing some weight 🙂

My faith is a big part of who I am, and I want to live with that truth front and center as we head into the new year.

To any who wander through this journal … have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!



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