Double-Ugh … and a ‘thanks’

First the long-overdue thanks to Ms Winnie (you know who you really are *raised eyebrow*) for the most thoughtful thing in the world – remembering Mother’s Day for little ol’ me. *sniffs in memory* I got two Mother’s Day gifts, none from within my own family … so, yeah. It meant a lot. That’s not a dig, kinda, really, truly –

It’s hard to celebrate every little thing here. We have still only <i>barely</i> had the hint of a birthday celebration for Logan … who is now an active four-year-old (really, folks … not much new there) – – – so Mother’s Day isn’t at the top of my list either.

And really, I have fic in my brains, and a new job that is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME (in that, it’s at the dollar store, and I could like, live there anyway – AND the co-workers are sweet and SO don’t yell). And yet, I haven’t written anything yet. Nothing ….

Instead I’ve been trolling for fic to read, Buffy and Supernatural. I’ve found some good ones. But, avoidance only goes so far. My house is a wreck, my life is caving in on me ….


the kids are on summer break  ****runs screaming****


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