Stop the ride, I wanna get off …

So the last couple of weeks since my previous post have been … interesting. Sick kids, sick mommy, awesome girls’ weekend, writing unblocked. Whew! The list could go on … lol.

On the subject of sickies …

Logan caught the same bug that has been going around, and it hit him hard. He spent a week revisiting breathing treatments because of breathing issues. As if that wasn’t enough, right as he was starting to get over that he must have caught some kind of flu bug and spent several days sick with that. His seizures came back with a vengence for a few days as a result, which just completely unnerved mommy and daddy.

But at least he’s feeling better now. The other two boys are healthy, and hopefully I’m on my way there as well. I really dislike being sick. Really. Truly. Completely hate it. Ugh.

In the middle of the craziness, I had a chance to unwind last weekend.

I had a girls’ weekend with some of my supernatural gal pals.  We met in Indy and stayed at a hotel there for a few days, reading, writing, watching movies and DVD’s of Supernatural, and in my case – resting. I rested a whole bunch. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’m figuring I caught the same flu bug that Logan got. Joy. *blah*

It was absolutely wonderful having a chance to meet with my friends, whom I totally admire and love to death. (well, not literally or anything). I can’t wait until we have a chance to do it again sometime.

For now all of us are waiting to hear more details about the convention in Chicago in November. I’d really like to go, we’ll see if I can put some moolah to the side to help pay for it. I just know it would be a total blast! Gah. I wanna go! *whines*

There’s definitely other things going on, but I don’t want to jinx myself by mentioning it yet. *GRIN* Oh, and think about Bobby on Monday morning – he has a test to check his bladder function because he’s been having some issues. They’re thinking possibly a form of diabetes, and we’re just hoping it’s nothing worse. Please God.

That’s it from Kat-land – will try and check in again soon.



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