So, said it in a different post, but didn’t go into details – looks like Bobby had a weird kind of seizure at school today.

He had it about the time they were heading for something special, PE I want to say. He kept losing track of what the teacher told him to do, and his eyes glazed over and he even bumped into the doorway at one point. As she described it, he was totally out of it and she had to keep telling him what was going on, because he kept forgetting (or wasn’t hearing it in the first place)

Afterwards (darn, I forgot to ask how long it lasted) he was scared and wanted his teacher to hold him for a little bit, which is fairly standard seizure fare for him. Crap and double crap I wanted him to stay seizure-free for a while. I’m going to hope this was an isolated incident and pray that no more crop up. ‘Cause I gotta say, Bobby having partial seizures on a semi-regular basis – SO not fun and kind of scary. They’re different from Grand Mal or even the type that Logan has – these present differently a lot of times and leave Bobby confused and scared. He just can’t understand what’s happening to him and I don’t think has the words to explain it so someone can tell him. Autism makes it more difficult, since seizures present differently for him a lot of the time, we can’t just say “this is a seizure” because he would want to know anything that could be a seizure, he’s start obsession, and then all of a sudden we have an excitable kid who will automatically be more prone to having the seizures because his threshold will be lowered (because he’s in more danger during times of high stress).

I had to cancel Logan’s therapy because he’s sick, and we’re back on breathing treatments with him *yawn*. I’m sick and just not feeling well, fibro and all – ended up sleeping a lot today, after kids were off to school and again this afternoon. I hate being tired all the time. That’s the one thing about having fibro that just sucks desperately – I have never having energy and always feeling like I need to sleep. Pain, I can deal with, but exhaustion? Ugh.

Also still trying to think about what I want as far as writing goes. Do I want to go for it … try for some freelancing? I’m not sure.

Lots up in the air, and today’s happenings helped the confuse things even more. Yay. Not.



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2 responses to “Randomness

  1. I found your journalllllll. 😀 I saw your name on my list and thought, I bet I know that Kat and look… here ya are all doing the personal LJ thing! I’m sure you’ll be a lot better at it than I am considering well, just about every one on the planet is better at correspondence than I am. XD But I like having a Kat newsletter. It’s like checking in even when I’m super busy or whatever…
    Anyhoo, I’m sorry to hear about Bobby’s troubles. That sounds so unbelievably frustrating. Is this a ‘wait and see’ situation or does a doctor become involved with long and pointless appointments that get you no where? (do i sound bitter about the medical industry? :p)
    (i think you should totally go for free-lance. You would kick ass!)

    • Aw – thanks … I couldn’t bring myself to write during Logan’s horrible seizure adventure last week and feel a bit behind. But how nice to see a friend!
      Thanks for the thought on Bobby … and, bitter on the medical industry? Nah! On the whole, we’ve been fortunate. Consider: Each of my children see 3-4 specialists, one regular doctor and a special dentist, as well as therapists through their school (Bobby – 2, Andy – 3) or at home (Logan – 2). Several of their specialists are the same – and we’ve been with them since Bobby was first diagnosed almost nine years ago. We’ve had to fire a few very incompetent doctors here and there, and had to tell a few others how reality feels. After a while, you tend to know more about your child than most of the doctors you see. LOL.
      But after that little tangent … for Bobby right now it is wait and see. BUT, his neurologist is on call for all three of my boys, and I can contact him and we’ll start mixing the meds up a bit here and there should we feel the need. The problem with seizures is that in and of themselves, they aren’t dangerous. It’s the severity of a select few (like what Logan has) and the duration and frequency of them. Having an odd breakthrough seizure here and there isn’t cause for alarm, but if they become more frequent or if they stray from the norm for him – then we have to act.
      Um, did my little book answer your question? *grin*
      And I’m totally considering the freelance thing … so very, very seriously wanting to jump right in and start with it again. Used to do it years ago, you know? *sniff* Makes me feel so nostalgic.
      Glad to see you back … had fun editing your little fic too and can’t wait for some more!

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