Autistic moment

This is too funny not to share ….

I got a call from Bobby’s teacher today, he had a possible seizure (rats, but that’s a topic for another post) but she couldn’t help herself from sharing a Bobby funny. It seems that one of the classroom aides is pregnant and Bobby is very interested in touching this aides’ belly and likes to ask about the ‘baby’.

In true Bobby innocent fashion, he’s taken it upon himself to start feeling other womens’ bellies – just to see if there are babies hiding in there. He is very vocal – asking if there is a baby in there as he’s touching the belly. *head in hands*

As if that wasn’t enough, today he touched his teacher on one of her *gasp* breasts. He squeezed and asked very politely if that was a baby. *OMG* She said no, which led to quite the round of “what is it?” Bobby, unsatisfied with learning about something so interesting, had to make sense of it all. He questioned the teacher extensively … Did everyone have those parts? What kind of parts were they? They weren’t babies? So, girls didn’t have those parts, only ladies? Why only ladies? So what are they?

The teacher told me she settled for telling him they were lady parts and were private. Both she and I commiserated, though, we can just picture him going up to the random person at Walmart and feeling a breast … “Is this a baby? *squeeze*”

The insanity of my life is just too much sometimes. *giggles*


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