What a day …

Hm, anytime I say that phrase I’m reminded of the Brigadoon song – “What a day this has been” …. I’m sitting here humming it to myself as I type away. How silly. And of course I won’t be able to get it out of my head. Which is okay, since I love that song to pieces.

So my icon – Andy … my little guy turned 8 yesterday! Ugh I can’t believe how fast time is flying. He’s having an actual party here in a couple weeks, on my girls’ weekend. Oops, I guess I should remember to ask the girls if they mind having a party with us … LOL. It’s been a nice day off.

I got some housework done…not much ( I might ruin my rep of being the world’s worst housekeeper) and I got some reading in, and I got lots of editing in and I also have been working on a couple of my fics. Can’t ask for much more. Oh, yeah – I don’t have to go into work tonight!!!!! YAY – and that came as a pleasant surprise. Of course, there’s other stuff going on at work which will keep me busy over the next weeks, but for now I’m living in the moment!

No work and pizza (ordered and arriving soon!) make Kat a happy lady!



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