Just getting started …

Well, I’m fairly familiar with LJ since I have a fanfiction journal up for my Supernatural writings. But I wanted a place to put some of my private thoughts and ideas. And I wanted to be able to share some of who I am with some of my online friends. So, if you’re here because you already know me, you know my specifics already. And if you’re just poking around, maybe you’ll decide to come back and visit, get to know me and let me get to know you.

In a nutshell, I’m married and have three boys. My boys and hubby all have a rare condition which includes neurological problems (siezures, learning disabilities) as well as other craniofacial (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth) symptoms. It’s a variable condition, meaning that no two people who are diagnosed will have the same exact symptoms. It can be severe or hardly noticeable. The condition itself is Rieger Syndrome. Look it up if you want, or give it some time, I’ll post links and provide more info on that and the many other conditions that my motley crew share.

This is a personal journal, but if I make a few friends along the way, that can only make the journey easier. If you find a bit of peace by reading, or if you feel like someone actually understands where you’ve been, connect with me – I’d love to chat with you. My faith sustains me, if you’re a Christian of a special needs child and want to chat with a like minded person, send me a message – I’d love to chat with you too.

Look around, take a deep breath, and know that someone understands.
In Him and with a very *gentle hug*


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